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How Much Does A Fireplace Cost To Install?

There are many fireplace options available, both in terms of their material and energy source. This means that the price to install a fireplace will vary.

Fireplace prices range from $1,000 to $4500 depending on whether the fireplace is an electric, gas, or wood fireplace.

The cost of a fireplace can range from $1,000 to $2,000 while labour costs are around $2,200.

What Does An Average Fireplace Cost?

A new metal prefabricated gas, or wood-burning, fireplace will cost you $2,900, while an electric fireplace will cost you $1,200. Installing a masonry fireplace in an existing house with a 12′ chimney will cost you on average $4,900.

There are three main types of fireplaces: electric, woodburning, and gas. Each one generates heat differently. Depending on your preferences, you can choose which type of fireplace you want to install.

An electric fireplace is typically the cheapest to install and the most affordable to maintain. A gas fireplace may be for you if you prefer the idea of a low-maintenance fireplace that requires little cleaning. A wood-burning fireplace is a great option for reducing your energy consumption and living a more sustainable life.

Gas Fireplace Installation Cost

Ventless and vented gas fireplaces are available in two styles. The average cost of a gas fireplace installation will be $2,750. However, a vented fireplace will run you about $1,600 more in labour and other materials.

A gas fireplace installation costs $200-$2,000, depending on the size of the area.

Wood-Burning Fireplace Installation Cost

Wood-burning fireplaces are usually the most costly to install. They cost on average $9,500. This is because they require proper ventilation through a chimney installation, which can add $3,000 to the overall cost.

A luxury wood-burning fireplace may be more expensive upfront but it offers greater savings on utility bills and reduces your heating and energy costs. Wood-burning fireplaces are most useful for those who have access and control over firewood.

Electric Fireplace Installation Cost

An electric fireplace installation costs on average $2,500. Labor costs are approximately $500. An electrician will charge $60 an hour to install an electric fire place.

An electric fireplace does not require a chimney installation. Because the heat circulates inside the room, an electric fireplace can heat a room more quickly than a fireplace that is wood-burning. You will need to think about the additional costs of electric fireplaces, which can add approximately $.03 to your monthly energy bill.

Propane Fireplace Installation Cost

Ventless propane fireplaces cost about $1,600. The difference is due to the fuel cost. Propane is more efficient and generates heat faster than gas. Natural gas is cleaner than propane. Propane costs about $3 an hour to burn, while natural gas burns at just $1 an hour.

What To Look For When Getting A Quote

These are the factors to consider when getting a cost estimate from a professional fireplace installer.

  • The fireplace’s size
  • The location of the fireplace (indoor and outdoor)
  • Types of fireplaces and materials

Hire only licensed professionals with all the documentation and licenses required to complete the job. For a free quote – contact Fireplace Installation Melbourne today!