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Fireplace Regulations in Australia

Do you want to install a new fireplace in your home? If so, it is crucial to learn a few things to protect both yourself and your family.

First, you must comply with all fireplace regulations in your state. Australia has a number of requirements and standards to ensure safety for you and your loved ones. These standards ensure both seamless installation and the enjoyment of a cozy, warm fire throughout the year.

The follow Australian regulations are critical to follow when installing any type of fireplace in your home, whether it be wood, gas or electric.

Chimney Regulations

  • The flue must be a minimum length of 4.6 meters from floor to ceiling.
  • You must allow smoke to escape in a tightly sealed vertical direction. Smoke cannot be allowed inside your house.
  • Your chimney should extend at least 600mm from the roofline of your home. It should be no more than 1 meter higher that the chimneys of any neighbouring homes.
  • A minimum of 3m must be left around the flue’s end. This means it shouldn’t be blocked by any second-storey walls or neighbouring trees or property walls.
  • Finally, the flue should be equal in size to your fireplace. This will allow air to flow freely.

Clearance Sizes

You should ensure that all areas surrounding the fireplace, including floors and walls, are protected when installing a new fireplace.

A hearth, which is made of non-combustible material, is essential to protect carpet and wooden floors.

Most homeowners prefer a slate, tone, or tile hearth. This adds beauty and elegance to their fireplace. The size of your heater should correspond to the size the hearth.

Fireplace Regulations

Australian Standard AS/NAS2918 should be adhered to when you install a fireplace or wood heater in your house.

When installing a fireplace, you will need to adhere to certain restrictions. These may include limitations on the size of your fireplace or where it can be installed in your home.

It is essential to follow manufacturer’s instructions for installing fireplaces. This is why we always recommend hiring professional fireplace installers to do the job safely and correctly.

Before you purchase a new fireplace, check the guidelines and restrictions for installation. It’s possible that there are other hidden restrictions, and not knowing these before calling someone to install your fireplace could prove costly.

Using and Maintaining a Fireplace

The Australian standards come with recommendations that will ensure the proper use and maintenance for your fireplace. These include:

  • Ensuring you have the correct firewood available for wood-burning fireplaces
  • Ensuring you close all doors and curtains while the fireplace is in use – this helps to better insulate your home as well optimising the use of your flue or chimney
  • Finally, ensuring that you service your chimney or fireplace atleast once per year.

Not sure how to install your fireplace or what regulations you need? Contact Fireplace Installation Melbourne today and we’ll handle the dirty work.