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Electric Fireplace Installation

electric fireplaces in melbourne

It’s clear that you want a fireplace but don’t have the right location, a functioning chimney, or a gas connection. What is the solution?

An electric fireplace has the same look and feel as a fireplace, but is much more affordable and easier to install. It also causes less damage to the environment. Here are some things to know before you buy one.

Installing An Electric Fireplace

Although you know the flames from an electric fireplace don’t exist, the warmth they produce is real. Similar to a heater, an electric fireplace uses a fan in order to heat your home. However, it should be used as a secondary heating source. It uses electricity only and requires a lot more energy than a wood or gas fireplace, which means your electricity bills go up.

Less smoke and pollution indoors

No emissions are produced because no wood is burned to make flames. To expel smoke, you don’t have to build a chimney, which is perfect for those people who are environmentally concious.

They can be portable

This is an advantage you won’t get from a fixed fireplace. Depending on which electric fireplace you purchase, you may be able to move them into other rooms in your house. If you move house, you may also be able to take it with you to your new home.

Low maintenance and effort

Electric fireplaces are a convenient option for those who want convenience at a touch of a button. Your fireplace will not need to be tended to as much as a wood burning one.

Wide range of designs, shapes, sizes

The floor plan and design of your home will influence whether your electric fireplace will be mounted to a wall or placed on the floor. The benefit to an electric fireplace is that you don’t have to install a chimney, so it can move anywhere.

If you’ve decided that an electrical fireplace is the right choice for you, contact Fireplace Installation Melbourne today for professional installation and service.